TurtleCaps – Queens Art Collective Mural

Born and based out of Queens, New York… Turtlecaps is a longtime graffiti writer who started his relationship with the spray can in the late 1980’s/ early 1990’s. He learned as most of the original graffiti writers did in the day – practicing on the streets, train tracks, etc. This former High Times Magazine editor, known as Turtlecaps, specializes in his namesake character. Turtlecaps is a hodgepodge character made up of a turtleshell, with a spray paint cap for a head, a wind-up key on its back, and Mickey Mouse shoes… who is a representation of the man behind the art.

Currently, Turtlecaps continues to develop himself as an artist, as he shifts his focus into bringing up the artist community, especially within his home borough of Queens, NY. Turtlecaps focuses his time on his adapting his “Turtlecaps” character constantly, as well as making sure that he stays true to his upbringings as a graffiti writer doing his hidden gems of illegal pieces. Whether painted on the side of a busy NY street, or hidden under the dangerous tracks of New York’s underground culture, keep your eyes out for Turtlecap’s pieces, as all true artists, he paints for more than the exposure… it’s who he is.

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