GERRY VEWER – Graffstract

Native New Yorker Gerry Vewer (VEW) is a self-taught artist known for his graffiti.

Twenty-something Vewer has been painting graffiti since 2010. Across mediums in
NYC and landscapes abroad, you can see his name. VEW outgrew tagging, which he
now sees as ego-centric, to more politically inspired pieces. To the delight of even
the graffiti-bashing New York Post, Vew trolled the MTA with his Star Wars-themed
ISIS piece. During the 2016 election Vew expressed his “No Love For Trump” on the Williamsburg Bridge. On the Manhattan Bridge, Vew made a statement in protest of the Police
Department’s unjust killings – NYPD KILLS.

Gerry Vewer’s paintings express the evolution of his illicit graffiti to politico-social
commentary. With provocative visual metaphors and an emphasis on color
compositions, Vew touches a range of inspired issues.

Vewer believes “Art is a vital communication utensil; one shouldn’t contribute to the
diversions of the mainstream. Through the arts, redirect the attention to what is
questionable in our society. As artists, we should continuously speak our minds and
aspire to inspire.”

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