WPG4 Designs – Joker

This is my ART. This is my stART. This will always be my heART. I live by this motto. Ever since I was little, I have always had a love for art; whether it be in the form of a comic book, a painting, digital art online or an animated show on TV.

I got my degree in Graphic Design at the Art Institute of New York City in the Fall of 2012 and got a REAL reality check. Criticism about how “subpar” my design work was hard to take being that I’d never gone through anything like that before. Once I saw how competitive and cutthroat the “design” world was, I decided that i can use my skills elsewhere and why not use them on myself? So little by little, I started branding myself, working on what I was good at and getting better at what I wasn’t good at.

I used to love watching the Saturday/Sunday morning cartoons that I NEVER missed an episode of and my mother buying me my favorite X-men, Fantastic Four, or Batman character (every month) that I used to act out certain scenes with from the shows/comics. I had milk crates full of comic books in my house when i was younger so there was never a time where i could say i didn’t have time to read something (it was either reading a comic book or reading an encyclopedia; I chose to do both). Comic books have been one of the main influences in my life because I used to draw the characters I saw in them and (some may HATE me for this, but) I used to cut out some of the characters from my comics and tape the backs of them and act out epic paper battles in my room (maybe that’s why I love collages now? Hmm).

I create collages based on the comic book and movie characters that I grew up on and love. I just want to share that love with others who have the same fondness for these things as I do.


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